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Binance Smart Chain:







Farmageddon will launch a platform used to bring the lucrative yet complicated process of yield farming to the masses. At its core, the idea of yield farming is simple—locking up your cryptocurrency in exchange for receiving a reward (or yield) in the form of more crypto. In practice, however, things can get very complicated. will be used to simplify the process of staking. After choosing the Farm you want to stake into, all you need to do is enter the quantity of FG tokens you want staked. Leave the rest to us. As your rewards start growing you will then be able to compound your rewards back into the farm with one simple click. Not only simplifying the process but bringing all yeild farms to one site. Pancakeswap farms, Olivecash Farms, and more will all be available on our platform with one simple transaction!

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Market Cap:


Launch date:

May 28, 2021